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A Different Kind of Mower

There’s nothing else on the planet like a Dixie Chopper. Nothing else looks like it, nothing else sounds like it and nothing else cuts like it. Known as “The World’s Faster Lawn Mower,” Dixie Choppers make quick work of even the tallest, thickest grasses. In the showroom, the Dixie Chopper brand commands attention. From bold lines and stainless steel trim to beefy forks and frames, Dixie Choppers are the toughest-looking, best-performing mowers on the planet.


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For a zero turn mower to excel...

at its work, its design has to be right from the start, or it will be easily lost in the start, or it will be easily lost in the wide array of commercial mowers that deliver only marginal results. The designer's platform must consist of discipline, ingenuity, and no compromise. Through three generations of the Walker family, each Walker model has been built from inside out to achieve a balance of durability and performance. 





We gauge the durability... 

of our mowers by not just years, but decades of use. That's why we don't add any part, component or feature that can't perform to our highest, long-lasting standard. It takes longer to fabricate a frame like ours than stamping one, but it's the only way to guarantee your Bad Boy won't just out-mow the competition but outlast it as well. Add our industry-leading innovations for cut quality and comfort, and you've got a mower that set apart from the rest.